Updated 8/29/17


On your marks, get set, flow!

Google Sheets

Google sheets is our recommended method for using the scoring calculator. Anyone with a Google Account can use it. Be sure to check the Support tab for updates before each use. If there are updates, you'll need to make a new copy.

Click here to make a copy.

Use on this site (experimental)

Anyone with a modern web browser can use the calculator on this site with Excel online. No downloads. No accounts. However, it may be tricky to select options or clear values depending on your browser settings.

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Download for offline

A version of our sheet does work with Excel offline. We have not tested it with OpenOffice or Numbers. Anyone will be able to use the basic functions but you may need to enable macros and external sources of data to get the full experience. If you are not connecting the spreadsheet to the external data, check back here often to see if we have a newer version.

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Prelim version of all calcs are up. This is an early version. Please report bugs using contact form. -8/29/17 10:30 AM PT/pre>