Updated 11/8/17

Tournament Management System

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What is included in the system?

Our system provides a front end form for referees to fill out at the tables, all the backend to calculate scores, and the front end display of rankings and scores for the audience.

What does it cost to use this system?

It is completely free and all of our tools always will be. We do have expenses such as hosting and accounts that require maintenance. If you'd like to help offset costs, consider donating at the bottom of any page. Donations are certainly not required to use our system.

What about a timer?

You can use our timer page to find a solution. We can also suggest layouts for your display.

Can I see a demo?

We're working on creating a demo for your viewing. Please contact us if you need to see one before we upload it here.

How do I sign up?

Please email us using the contact form below. We also plan on offering DIY setup solutions in the coming weeks.

See the demo (now ready!) Sign up

11/8/17 - Demos out now! Sign up form also added

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