Updated 8/29/17

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This test is not designed to trick anyone. All you need to do is read the rules. If you get it wrong, you can retake it.

Why so short?

The test is only 15 questions long. The questions cover many areas of the rules - missions, parts, general rules. This sampling should allow you to see your overall understanding. Passing this test does not mean that you don't need to review the rules.

I'm a mentor. How do I give this test to my students?

The 2nd page of the test asks students if they'd like to send the results to their mentor. Please instruct your students to enter their name and your email info on that screen. You will then be emailed their name, score, time they took the test, and a breakdown of their answers. We do not provide you with an answer key. Should you need an answer key, reply to the email letting us know who you are and why you need one.

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Test now live. Early version. Report mistakes via contact form - 8/29/17 11:40 AM